Work Injuries

Physiocare Physical Therapy provides comprehensive treatment for work injuries


At Physiocare Physical Therapy, our treatments for work injuries, including manual (hands on) physical therapy, pain-relieving modalities, and therapeutic exercise to treat hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, neck, and back pain caused by lifting, twisting, falls, slips, or any other work-related injury.

Other common work injuries include repetitive strain injury (RSI), which usually occur as a result of excessive keyboarding combined with a lack of proper ergonomics or repeatedly performing the same labor tasks (ie. assembly tasks, lifting, carrying). Our ergonomic specialists provide assistance, when changes at work combined with corrections in posture can help prevent future injuries.

Our experts at Physiocare can provide the most beneficial treatment strategy for any type of work injury. We start out with an evaluation of a patient’s conditions. A personalized treatment program is then carefully planned, to relieve and work around pain while increasing mobility, endurance, and strength. With our treatments, you can minimize the possibilities of re-injury, especially when we provide help with ergonomics.

A prescription is required for treatment of a work-related injury as these injuries must be reported to your employer immediately. We work with many employers and their insurance companies to treat work injuries and get their workers back to feeling 100% better as quickly as possible. We coordinate with the doctor, case manager, and insurance companies, when applicable. Contact us at Physiocare Physical Therapy today.