Headaches and migraines are experienced by tens of millions of people in the U.S.


Physiocare Physical Therapy provides help for patients who have an underlying neck problem and certain other issues causing their headache pain. The different types of headaches include migraines, sinus headaches, cluster headaches, and temporal headaches.

The numerous potential causes or triggers include postures, static positions, alcohol and certain scents. For cervico-genic headaches, which are caused by neck issues, and other headache types, our experts at Physiocare offer effective treatment.


Physical therapy from our experts at Physiocare is most effective in the treatment of headaches when the condition involves the neck and/or jaw. When a person is stressed, their neck may be chronically tense. Between the added tension and supporting the head throughout the day without having good posture, neck muscles can become very agitated.

One of the potential results is that spasms occur at the base of the neck or on the scalp, triggering an onslaught of abnormal electrical activity in the brain by compression of nerves in the neck.

Because Physiocare Physical Therapy is a direct access facility, you can visit us for treatment of your headache pain without a referral from a doctor. Oftentimes, patients are referred to us by a physician or chiropractor for treatment of chronic headaches.

If limitations in strength or movement are discovered in your upper back or neck, treatment will include restoration of normal mobility, strength, and posture. Physical therapy will help to increase blood flow, which typically helps to reduce spasms and decrease pain and headaches. Our specialists will also provide training on techniques and exercises you can do on your own that can help prevent future headaches.

In treating headaches & migraines, a thorough assessment is made by one of our physical therapists, to identify factors that could be contributing to their onset. Areas considered during an evaluation include:

  • Joint movement, including in the neck

  • Upper back and shoulders

  • Muscle strength of the neck

  • Posture

  • Correct alignment