Balance and gait therapy is important for millions of Americans because falls are a major cause of injuries and injury-related fatalities, especially among the elderly.


Physiocare Physical Therapy helps patients to master balance and walking skills or “gait,” to help prevent falls and the risk of injury from those falls.


Balance problems can be caused by a variety of things, including poor posture, which can affects the hips, ankles, and more. Balance and gait are closely associated in physical therapy because of how each affects the other.

In reality, though, both systems also rely on many functions, including seeing, hearing, joint movement, sensation, and cognitive functions. Balance and gait therapy improves the way all of these systems work together in harmony.

Among the benefits of balance and gait therapy are the following:

  • Helps to avoid injury
  • Reduces chances of falling
  • Reduces chances of feeling dizzy
  • Promotes confidence in your footing.
  • With improved posture, aches and pains can be reduced

When patients come to Physiocare for balance and gait therapy, we evaluate strength, range of motion, sensation, balance performing various tasks, and posture.

Anodyne therapy is one treatment for balance disorders if a patient has a lack of sensation in his or her feet. People with neuropathy in their feet may lack the sensation necessary to feel the ground they are walking on and as a result be at risk for falls. Anodyne therapy is a type of infrared light therapy, used in combination with a comprehensive physical therapy program, that increases circulation to affected nerves, which allows the return of sensation so patients are again able to feel the ground they are walking on which improves balance and decrease the risk of falls.

Feel free to contact us at Physiocare Physical Therapy for balance and gait therapy. We are a direct access facility, which means a referral is not required. We do, however, see many patients who have been referred by a physician. Contact us today to get started on a path to firmer, safer footing.