Physiocare Physical Therapy utilizes Pilates in treatment regimens for rehabilitation, when it is applicable to goals for specific patients


Pilates itself is not considered a form of physical therapy, but there are elements of movement in Pilates that contribute well to the goals in rehabilitation. Various types of Pilates equipment are ideal for use during some programs of physical therapy, as well. We have a physical therapist on staff at Physiocare who is also a Certified Pilates Instructor and has vast working knowledge on how to marry the two discipline types for maximum benefit.


Pilates is a unique method of exercise that emphasizes development of core strength, postural alignment, and muscle balance. Although it has been around since the 1920s, for the past decade or two, Pilates has been increasingly recognized as a helpful tool in rehabilitation.

Muscular imbalances are the cause of many injuries. These imbalances can be caused by our posture or the way we move when we work out, sit, walk, bend over, lie down, and simply move in general. When we move incorrectly, too much pressure ends up being applied to some muscles while other muscles are neglected and become weakened.

If too much pressure is placed on the spine, for example, the pelvic muscles tend to become weakened. The result is that the body becomes susceptible to serious tears, pulls, strains, and worse injuries. Pilates involves exercises largely focused on spinal and pelvic alignment, and this is a critical exercise, when trying to move in a way that avoids injury.

All over the world, physical therapists have adopted Pilates as an effective form of treatment for rehabilitation. The success has been based on even musculature, core strength, and other basic principles of Pilates. The program is flexible enough that the exercises can easily be modified for each individual. The progressions of basic to advanced Pilates movements can be specifically tailored for each patient without sacrificing its effectiveness.



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