Shoulders are complex, with a ball and socket joint that encompasses the arm, shoulder blade, collarbone, and many ligaments and muscles


When shoulder problems occur, Physiocare Physical Therapy can often provide the needed remedy. Because of the interdependence of the components of the shoulder, problems that occur can make it difficult and painful to perform functions requiring upper-body mobility. Diagnosing shoulder pain isn’t always simple, since shoulders often carry “referred pain” from problems with other body parts, such as the gallbladder or heart.


Shoulder pain can be caused by trauma, such as car accidents or falls. Swimming and throwing a baseball are among the sports activities that can cause a shoulder injury. Poor posture and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis can be the cause of shoulder pain, as well. The following are more common causes of shoulder pain:

  • The rotator cuff is composed of four muscles that provide support and movement for the shoulder. Primarily, they help to hold the ball of the arm bone in the socket as the arm is moved. The tendons can become pinched underneath the shoulder blade when there is weakness in the rotator cuff, which can cause pain and inflammation in a condition called rotator cuff impingement.  If left untreated, there is potential for the rotator cuff to eventually tear.

  • Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a painful condition that gradually causes loss of motion and can result in significant functional loss. Patients typically suffer from symptoms of frozen shoulder for up to 18 months, though complete resolution can take as long as three years.


When treating shoulder pain at Physiocare, our trained specialists first conduct an evaluation, to understand the nature of the pain and determine the factors that aggravate or alleviate the condition.

The assessment usually includes taking measurements of shoulder strength and range of motion as well as the quality of the shoulder motion. Additional testing may be done to determine the source of your pain and to guide treatment strategies.

Physiocare Physical Therapy is a direct access facility. You can visit us for treatment of shoulder pain at your convenience, with or without a referral from a doctor or chiropractor. Whatever the cause of the discomfort, physical therapy is usually a part of the healing and recovery process in the treatment of shoulder pain.