Jennifer O’Brien



Jennifer is the physical therapist, clinic director, and owner of PhysioCare.  She has been a physical therapist since her graduation in 2000 from Arcadia University in Philadelphia, PA.  She was the physical therapist and clinic director of a private practice in Philadelphia until her move to FL in 2010.  From 2010 through 2013 she served as senior physical therapist and ergonomics department supervisor for Jupiter Medical Center as well as ergonomics consultant for Pratt and Whitney.  She became the physical therapist/clinic director for PhysioCare in 2013 and then purchased the practice in 2017.  She is a certified pilates instructor (CPI), TRX and TRX sports medicine instructor, ergonomic assessment specialsit (CEAS), and health coach (CHC).

Jennifer enjoys a healthy lifestyle, including regular crossfit/boot camp, golf, yoga, pilates, biking, fishing, boating, and running. Because she is avid in these activities and follows a healthy lifestyle, she is excellent at getting patients back to a healthy lifestyle and the activities they enjoy.  She has also been a physical therapy patient herself several times, once when she suffered a severe neck injury from being hit by a drunk driver and numerous times as a collegiate soccer player. This firsthand experience in what it is really like to be a patient, experiencing the pain and struggles that must be overcome as well as the compassion and encouragement needed along the way, gave her invaluable experience on how to truly care for and encourage her own physical therapy patients.  Also, because of her experience as an ergonomics consultant, she is able to thoroughly analyze patients’ daily activities (positions, etc.) to get to the source of the cause of their injuries versus solely treating their symptoms with the risk of having symptoms return again in the future if the cause is never addressed.

Crystal Chesnes



Crystal is PhysioCare’s licensed physical therapy assistant.  She is a native Floridian and has been a Jupiter resident for over 25 years.  She graduated Cum Laude from South University in 2011.  She specializes in manual (hands on) therapy.  The patients love her!  Many have said she has  “healing hands”.  She, like Jennifer, is also a certified health coach and an ergonomic assessment specialist, allowing her to also address ergonomic causes for injury and assist with nutrition and health-related goal setting so patients are able to get back to their pre-injury lifestyles as quickly as possible.