Our professionals at Physiocare Physical Therapy specialize in ergonomics.

Our professionals at Physiocare Physical Therapy specialize in ergonomics, which involves modifying the job to fit the person in a way that reduces the risk of injury and enables the employee to be most efficient and comfortable.

The proper positioning of muscles and joints to eliminate undue strain as well as the importance of avoidance of prolonged static positions are among the considerations when making ergonomic adjustments. In modern times, the importance of ergonomics has been more fully recognized. Helping individuals use the tools they need in an efficient way that prevents chronic physical problems and injury has become an art, science, and focus in ergonomics. Ergonomics can involve office or industrial environments.

The tools that you use on your job may include a desktop computer, hammer, or heavy equipment, to name three of countless possibilities. Your desk, chair, and vehicle may also be tools you use to function in your job or daily life.

The tools as well as the tasks you perform may need to be evaluated, to determine what adjustments are needed to create the proper ergonomic environment in your workplace or at home. Our ergonomics specialists at Physiocare can make a determination as to what can be done to prevent injury as you go about your daily tasks.




When a person begins to experience certain types of pain and discomfort on a frequent or constant basis, our ergonomics specialists at Physiocare can help. The specific conditions you are suffering from that could be helped with ergonomics include neck and back pain, strains, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow and shoulder tendonitis, “trigger finger,” and rotator cuff injuries. It is even possible, although less frequent, to develop knee pain, hip pain, or even blood clots due to improper ergonomics.

In addition to issues with chronic pain that may be indicators of a need for ergonomics, a physician might recommend an ergonomics evaluation after treating a patient for an injury. Preventing future injuries would be the purpose of the recommendation. Ergonomics evaluations are also helpful on a preventative basis, even if someone has never experienced discomfort or pain. This type of evaluation is especially valuable for anyone who spends significant time on a computer. This will help to prevent any future discomfort or pain.


One of our Physiocare specialists will evaluate both the worker and his or her environment during an ergonomics evaluation. By observing an individual in his or her environment, an evaluation can be made regarding the nature of the work and equipment used, methods of pursuing the tasks, and the general capacities of the patient for performing the work.

In many cases, subtle changes can be made to positioning, body movement, or equipment, to reduce risk of injury and ease chronic pain. For such changes to occur, however, the credibility of a certified specialist is often required.

Contact Physiocare Physical Therapy today for an ergonomic evaluation if you have been injured, have been suffering from chronic pain, or would like to ensure you are doing everything you can to avoid injury. You will find out what changes need to be made to your workplace/work habits, if any. Our ergonomics specialists can give you the help you need to enjoy more pain-free, productive days.